Did you never see a mug visit a town by its legs?

bassano del grappa ceramics handmade mug italian handmade italy italy travelling unicorn mug vicenza visiting italy

This is a short story of a unicorn mug that walks in the street. Do you think I am crazy?...Yes maybe, I can be. But I promise you, it is happened. This special mug has legs and one day it decided to visit a town.

This mug decided to go out from the pottery studio where it was born and enjoys the world around it.

The city it visited is my hometown, Bassano del Grappa in Italy.

So here we can see it seatted outside the door of the studio.

bassano del grappa italy

So the mug saw the city wasn't so bad, no sorry... the mug thougth the town was stunning, as the most of italian places, so it began to walk and in two minutes it arrived in the first square: Piazza Libertà

So the unicorn mug took a selfie, obvioulsy...First let me take a selfie!

piazza libertà bassano del grappa italy, handmade pottery

When the mug took the first selfie, it turned around and it saw a big church built in the 1308 and restored multiple times during the 1400'.

Our turist mug found out something different about this church. It noticed immediately it was a different church, because it is developed in width not in lenght. When usually the most of the churches are built in the opposite way. 

unicorn mug in tour in bassano del grappa

But the mug was really happy to walk around the town and took another selfie, so this is the picture of the square close to its the pottery studio where it was created... The mug was so impressed about its town because it is a beautiful place with a lot of interesting things to see!

piazza libertà bassano del grappa

Then it acrossed this first square and he found another square, Piazza Garibaldi, the name of this square is about one of the person that created Italy as a one country and put toghether all the small states that characterized Italy before 1861. The year of the birth of Italy as just one state. 

Anyway the mug walked into the next square, this square has another church "San Francesco" (San Francesco is the protector saint of Italy) and a fountain in the middle of the place. 

So here you can see the mug with the church and another pic on the fountain.

bassano del grappa

a mug visiting italy

Bassano del Grappa is a small and precious city, so also the tiny streets are very characteristic and why don't take other selfies...the visiting goes on.

bassano del grappa italy

walking in bassano del grappa bottega krua

Then the mug was a little bit tired, because Bassano is a town on a hill and the unicorn sculpted on it thought: "I am a unicorn, I have wings"...so why to use legs if you have wings to fly?

So the unicorn said to the mug: "hey buddy! I am tired to walk, we gotta visit a square on the top of the hill, we can fly!". The mug was agree with the unicorn.

And with the unicorn' wings the mug arrived to Piazza Terraglio and there it could admired the mountains and the Brenta river. Brenta river was so important during the WWI and WWII for battles.

so another selfie...

brenta river bassano del grappa bottega krua handmade pottery

The unicorn mug was excited but tired, but it couldn't lose the chance to see the symbol of the town "Ponte degli Alpini", an historycal bridge projected and built during 1567- 1569 by Andrea Palladio (architect from VICENZA). The wooden bridge was rebuilt during 1748, 1813 and in the 1947. The brige was destroyed with an explosion by the italian resilient (partigiani in italian language) to contrast the nazism and fascism in the 1945. The italian resilient contrasted the enemies with the destroying of the bridge.

Fifteen partigiani contrasted the nazi and fascist troops in this way, they brought the explosive by their bycicles, and most of them were ex Alpini (mountain army infantry). So for this reason the bridge changed name in "Ponte degli Alpini", before the war the name was "Ponte vecchio", now it is called with both names.

 ponte degli alpini bassano del grappa

ponte vecchio, ponte degli alpini, bassano del grappa, WWII

Ok, the unicorn mug had an amazing experience to visit his town and it decided to took a picture with the italian flag, a flag that it found close to the Brenta river, attached on a tree.

italian flag, italy, vivisting italy, handmade pottery

The unicorn mug was really satisfied of its little trip and thankful to has been created in Italy, his country. In the future the mug with the legs will visit other countries, probably in Usa or maybe other places. Because it was born in Italy, but it knows there is a person from the opposite side of the world that will buy it and this customer will give him a new home, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. 

To be continued...

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