How to paint a skull

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Skull theme is one of my favorite, often people ask me if I have psychological problems or if I am a satanist or stupid things like that. My answer is "No, I only love skulls, that's it". The art history is full of representation of skulls in the paintings and the churches, graphics and more. The skull is often a symbol of life but a symbol of life as well. Many artists and populations from all over the world used the skull.

Here we have a painting by Salvador Dalì with a surreal skull with influences from Cubism and Abstraction.

skull painting salvador dali

Another example is this beautiful sculpture in a cemetery of Barcelona, "The kiss of the death".

kiss of the death barcelona cemetery

Another one is this awesome painting by one of my favorite artist, Frans Hals.

frans hals skull painting

So those examples were to explain to people that who paints and loves skulls is not necessary connected with the demons, anyway here you can watch a video about the process to paint a skull on a mug by myself and also a sketch of a skull I made for a customized beer stein.

skull sketch drawing for a beer stein

In this post I didn't explain you exactly how to paint a skull but I showed the way I do and to watch a video about the process behind something is always a lesson.

Now if you are a skull lover like me you can buy one of my mugs here

sugar skull pottery mug handmade


skulls coffee mug


black gothic skull mug


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