How to recognize a real handmade mug

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The world is full of objects. Most of them are industrial, a minimum part is handmade. Today I'll explain you, as ceramic artist, how to recognize a real handmade mug from an industrial mug. 

The problem is the most of people trust the word "handmade" on the bottom of a mug. But is that cup handmade for real? Or it is only written on it?

So I will explain you how to learn to recognize a real handmade mug from an industrial mug in this video!

The following details will permit you to see the difference between a handmade and an industrial mug that might be sold like hancrafted.

Handmadmade mug characteristics:

  • if it is made by wheel you can see inside some stripes made by the fingers (picture n.1)
  • there are some mistakes on the surface, shape or the painting on it (picture n.2)
  • you can't find two items identical, it is pretty impossible!
  • on the bottom usually is signed and numbered by hand. But sometime some artists use a print to engrave their signature. This is not my case, I love to write more info as possible on the bottom. (picture n.3)
  • the mugs are not perfect
  • if you touch a handmade mug they are not smooth as an industrial mug 
  • sometimes you can find innacurately a fingerprint on the surface
  • it is more expensive than an industrial mug
  • usually a handmade mug is thick so your cofee/tea will be warm longer 

picture n.1

picture n.1


picture n.2


picture n.3


Industrial mug characteristics:

  • totally smooth without imperfections
  • usually on the bottom if there is a brand name or a signature is printed
  • the handle it is perfect with no imperfections and often it seems all one with the rest of the mug
  • usually is very thin or anyway thiner than a handmade one
  • it is for sure lighter even if it is the same size of a handmade one
  • the design on it is printed
  • usually is cheaper than a handmade mug
  • it is made in thousand of pieces all identical, not one of a kind at all

So at the end of this little guideline I wish you have learnt something new about the fantastic world of handcrafted pottery! And now you know for sure why a handmade mug is more expensive than an industrial mug, so at the end handmade it is not so expensive!


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