New Year, new stuff, new projects

art ceramic artist handmade mug handmade pottery new products new project

2019 is a brand new year and I am so excited because I have a lot of projects in my mind!

Honestly last Christmas is been the best ever for my business but I'll try to do better during this new year!

I am making new mugs and stuff, I wanna try to create by myself a colored clay to make more unique mugs, I wanna that my customers will buy always something so one of a kind, so artistic and so unique! I love to ship my stuff to customers all around the world. The internet gave me the freedom, you now why? Because with my instagram profile and may facebook page followers that are living in another country can find me and my art! I love to be international!

My instagram profile is growing up everyday and same thing for the facebook page so follow me!

Anyway this is what I am doing this month:


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