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Eco-friendly and high quality materials

All pet bowls are handmade and handpainted, signed and numbered 1/1 on the bottom. Every bowl is made by wheel according to the italian artisanal tradition.

Pet bowls by Bottega Krua are lead free and  food/beverage safe.

The bowl is heavy and difficult to break, the ceramic material is resistant and lasting.

You can customize your bowl with your pet name

Why to buy this piece?

  • I use only NOT TOXIC glazes
  • italian high quality materials
  • every piece is customized with your pet's name
  • I respect the MOCA law
  • I am a consolidated artist, so you are buying art not only pottery
  • my pieces are one of a kind
  • you can't find something like my pieces in another place
  • it is made in Italy (and this is a big guarantee and prestige)
  • I pack so carefully every single item

Organize and cleaning

Every single bowl has attached four non-slip pads in order to keep it stable while your pet is drinking or eating.

This pet bowls is easy to clean by a wet sponge and soap or by dishwasher. 

Would you a set?

**PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for one bowl, if you need a set, please select a quantity of two


You will receive a Christmas ornament with your pet name on it, as gift. The ornament is handmade and handpainted as always.