How long it takes to make a piece?

Usually from 25 to 35 hours. The steps are:

  • making the raw piece
  • drying process (in winter is slowly cause the cold)
  • first firing in the pottery kiln (bisque)
  • painting 
  • glazing
  • second firing in the kiln
  • painting with the gold luster (only for the pieces with gold)
  • third firing in the kiln (only for the pieces with gold)

Are your pieces one of a kind?

Of course, every single piece is different. I don't want to replicate my items because I want that every single of my customers will have a special unique piece.

What material do you use?

I use only high quality italian materials, the clay is local and the glazes are not toxic, absolutely without lead (pay attention a cheap pottery piece means low quality materials, always). I use italian and american glazes too. My creations are durable because every single piece is made with love and my first goal is to have satisfied customers. 

Are your pottery dishwasher and microwave safe?

Yes they are but the pieces with the gold just because the gold is real gold so it is metal and doesn't match with the microwave.

Can I request a custom order?

Of course, please send me an email bottegakrua@gmail.com or a message in my facebook page

Do you ship worldwide?

Absolutely, I am used to ship in every country in Europe and United States too. And I pack everything very carefully

Are the pieces signed?

My pieces are all signed and numbered on the bottom

Do you attach a certification of origin with the purchase?

Yes I do. It is a certification that the piece is totally made in italy, handmade and handpainted.

If I would like to request a custom order how long it takes to be ready?

Usually 20/30 days, sometimes could be faster. Depends about how long is my orders line, about the weather (the rain and the winter doesn't help the pottery to getting dry). But since I am professional and my priority is having satisfied customers I will do my best to be fast.

Why I have to buy from you and not from another pottery artist?

  • because I am a consolidated artist so you are buying art not only pottery
  • high quality materials
  • I respect the MOCA law
  • I don't use toxic glazes
  • my pieces are one of a kind
  • you can't find something like my pieces in another place
  • it is made in italy (and this is a big guarantee and prestige)
  • I can personalize the piece with the design you need
  • I pack so carefully every single item



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